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Pass the Booze Please

It’s that time of the year when I make Irish Cream for friends and family. It is suppose to taste like Bailey’s Irish Cream, but I think mine tastes better. For the recipe, click here.

Here’s the first batch for some co-workers.
Notice the bottom (the tree trunk) is in a glass. With a quality control background, it is my duty to perform taste testing on each batch. I take this job quite seriously.

I have several more batches to make before Xmas. But I have the next 2 weeks off, so will enjoy the making and taste-testing.

Ho Ho Ho to all!!


Comments on: "Pass the Booze Please" (2)

  1. It makes great little gifts to coworkers or such. I usually make several batches. Just today, I took 10 jars to work. Hope at least you enjoy it!! My daughter doesn’t like it either. Yay, more for me. Have a great holiday!

  2. I’m going to try this, though the only other drinker in my immediate family is my younger daughter. My son and older daughter don’t like the taste of alcohol. I guess I should be pleased, what with all the news stories about young people binge drinking and getting into trouble, but it’s a little hard to tipple with two teetotalers at the table. “Eww, how can you stand that stuff?”

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