Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Holiday Preparation

We are all getting ready for the holidays at my house. And by all, I mean the cats too. Sometimes we put on some music to get charged up. And music means there may be some dancing going on.,%20~s%20NUm%20s-rC%20qE:qC:uF%200-y-q&4jw@SkczQsWx=j7@Zt@UwQsb@oSkhni@nUpQ4b3@hoSsfsUxj@xe3YpYmQ3Yyd@A


Comments on: "Holiday Preparation" (4)

  1. So you and the cats twerk to electro Christmas carols? I’d probably give myself a sciatic injury, but it sounds like fun!

    • Didn’t I mention that a body-double was involved? And that was because I was already sidelined with the heating pad after one rehearsal. Darn cats were chuckling under their breath. Let’s see if they get bonita flake treats anytime soon.

  2. I haven’t put up a tree in six years because of my cats. They aren’t well enough behaved for me to trust them.

    • I hear ya!! Miko, the youngest, is the one I worry about. I am putting up a small 4 foot tree this year. So far there are no problems. But today I add ornaments and I think that could be the tipping point — literally.

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