Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Today I was finishing up my turkey and going to make turkey curry. I also had to go pick up a yummy peach huckleberry pie for dinner next weekend (more on that later). Since daughter loves that pie, I asked her if she wanted to go. She said yes.

And she was also interested in curry (no turkey for her). Because she thinks she may have dairy issues, she wondered if I could make curry with a lactose-free sour cream. Well, could not find any at my fav grocery store, so decided to try it with lactose-free cottage cheese. Yum–tastes great!! Who knew you could substitute cottage cheese for sour cream??

Then we went to buy pies. I am having some work people over for dinner next weekend. They are translators hired for a job and have been living in a hotel for weeks. I thought a home-cooked meal would be nice. And an excuse to clean the house.

I had some overripe bananas, so wanted to make chocolate chip banana bread. Here is where the silicone comes in. I made some mini-loaves last week and they stuck to the pan. I decided to try out the silicone baking cups. I bought the cupcake size and a little rectangle size. I thought they would fit my mini-loaf pan, but they are smaller. No problem; I used them anyway.
Daughter and I whipped up a quick batch of chocolate chip banana bread and tried out the new silicone cups. For first time use, I gave them a little spray of veggie oil.
When they were done baking, we anxiously awaited for them to cool down so we could see if they came out of the cups cleanly. Don’t they look yummy?
Ta da — each and every one of those babies popped right out of the baking cups. Easy-peasy! I was very impressed. And they look nice too, cute little ridges and nice edges.
And for the finale, they were incredibly easy to clean. I just tossed them in a bowl of soapy hot water. I checked on them later and after a quick rinse, they were clean. I’ll let them dry and pack them up for the next use.
I am now a huge silicone fan!


Comments on: "A Great Use for Silicone!" (2)

  1. Does your daughter think she’s lactose intolerant? You could substitute plain nonfat yogurt, which is basically predigested lactose anyway. (The bacteria does the work for your stomach, so there’s less or no gas, cramping, and other symptoms.) I also take Lactaid/lactase tablets if I think there’s dairy in a food or I’m going out for ice cream. 🙂

    Those silicon cups look handy! I think my daughters who are cupcake lovers has them as well.

    • Daughter has been having digestive issues for months. She has noted that anytime she eats duary, she gets sick. She has tried Lactaid and says it foesnt do anything for her. She has a colonoscopy scheduled at the end of the month. I like the idea if using the yogurt and i will try it. Thanks for the info!!

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