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Sunni Sends

My daughter is a rock climber. They speak a different language. Apparently when she stayed at my house over the Thanksgiving holiday, she gave Sunni some pointers on climbing.

Here is Sunni attempting and achieving success in climbing to the top of the empty quilt ladder. Doesn’t she look extremely pleased with herself!
Here are some climbing terms Sunni mentioned.

  • problem. The route or path used to finish a climb. This term is used in bouldering, while route is used in roped climbing.
  • send. A shortened form of ascend. Meaning to complete a route or problem.
  • redpoint. To complete a climb after previously unsuccessful attempts.
  • flash. A successful send on the first attempt of a problem.
  • bail. To leave a climb.

So, you should now know what this means:

Sunni fell and bailed; she did not flash this problem. However, she finally redpointed.


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