Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am stuffed — much like a turkey. It was a smaller get-together this year; only 10 of us.

But what a feast! Smoked turkey, dressing, fruit salad, green salad (fresh kale with raspberries), mashed potatoes, gravy, fresh green beans, yams, and rolls.
And let’s not forget pumpkin pie!
And superb company, telling old stories. Hope you all had a great (and grateful) holiday.


Comments on: "Happy Thanksgiving!" (4)

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! (Or what’s left of it. I suppose everyone is done with eating by now.) Ten people sound like plenty of guests to me, though if you’re used to a bigger crowd, I suppose it seems small. 🙂 Hope you had plenty of leftovers for tomorrow and the weekend!

    • We usually have between 15-20, so 10 was light. But more food leftover. Except no turkey for me. So today I am cooking a little turkey breast just so I have some turkey.

      • I used to do that as well, cooking my own personal turkey breast after Thanksgiving. We would either have so many people, there would be little to no leftovers, or we’d be at someone else’s house and they weren’t into doggie bags. (Boo.) I also love cranberry sauce cooked from scratch, which my parents did not like—they preferred the glistening red jell from the can. So I would take advantage of the post-Thanksgiving sales and buy a bag of cranberries for my own sauce, which I would eat on my own, preferably with a hot turkey sandwich. Yum.

        • I am trying a new turkey recipe in the crockpot. I add cranberries, orange juice, and Lipton onion soup. I have leftover stuffing that has orange-flavored cranberries, so am thinking it should all taste scrumptious.

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