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I Love Craft Fairs!

Yesterday I went to a craft fair at my daughter’s old high school. It cost $1 to get in and the money went to support the band. As an ex-high school band member, this was a laudable cause. Here are some of the treasures I found.

A cat bed made from an old barbeque lid. The feet are old door knobs. Miko has assumed ownership.
When Miko left for a short bio break, Sunni took over. I think she was just keeping it warm for Miko.
Then I found this unusual bracelet made with spoons (or maybe forks). Very cute; ignore my banged up hand.
I spotted a little table topper made of braided fabric. I wanted something to put on top of the little cabinet I had refinished.
And how about this little fabric bowl!
This beautiful seam ripper caught my eye.
And because winter is here and one can never have too many mittens, I found these mittens made from recycled sweaters. They are soft and thick, and extend past the wrist. My hands are already thanking me.
My hands get quite dry and chapped in the winter. And if you travel, you have to put any hand lotion in the plastic bag. Here’s a solution: use a solid hand lotion! Bonus: it smells good!
How about some flavored balsamic vinegrette ? The Meyer lemon mango was exquisite, and since I love blood orange, I had to get the strawberry blood orange. I am salivating as I write this.
A local independent bakery was at the craft fair. Since I am making potato soup today, a little multigrain bread is required.
And how cute is this?
I have many more treasures, but they are gifts, so I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I must brag that, with one exception, my xmas shopping is now complete. Don’t hate me, applaud my efforts. This could be the one thing I don’t procrastinate getting done.


Comments on: "I Love Craft Fairs!" (5)

  1. wow – you got some great items. wish i’d been there!

  2. That cat bed is adorable! I think any cat would be envious of Miko and Sunni.

    I love craft fairs. I should shop at them more often, but I’m so busy on Saturday afternoons, I forget to stop by and check out the goods. At a craft fair for a local community group, I did score a really cute gift for the grandson (I just hope he doesn’t outgrow it before Christmas) and something for his mom. I wish I had picked up something for the other kids, but I ran out of money—the things on sale were a little pricey—and I know my son would rather have something from REI or a sporting goods store. So I still have some holiday shopping to do. Good for you for getting all of your gifts out of the way before Thanksgiving!

    • My friend that I often go to craft fairs with dickers with the owners. She almost always gets a lower price. She got me almost 20%off of the cat bed. I am not much of a negotiator. My daughter is like your son; something from REI. Late in the summer I bought her early xmas gifts of a tent and sleeping bag from REI. Screaming deals so I had to go with them. So her xmas will be gift-lite because she already has her goodies. It’s easy to pick up little inexpensive stuff at the craft fairs.

  3. cardamone5 said:

    Boy, I wish some of these items were featured at a Ladies Shopping Night I attended on Thursday. I would have stocked up, as you obviously did, and felt good about supporting women in my community. Instead, I bought nothing, except spending $5 to get in, and got a free make-over that I washed off as soon as I got home, not because it was bad, but because it was time for bed. There was handmade jewelry there, but nothing like your spoon/fork bracelet and no solid lotions or recycled mittens. And that cat bed is awesome.


    • The area i live in has a bazillion craft shows before xmas. And superb quality items. Majority of them are all local and some of the proceeds support worthy causes. I rarely do xmas shopping in stores any more. I am indeed fortunate. And the cats LUV the bed!

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