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Finally, some good news about Ellie, my Siamese. She has been having all sorts of health problems, which include vomiting several times a week, blood in her urine, losing weight, and possible kidney problems.

The past two months, her BUN (blood urea nitrogen) values kept going higher and higher — this is not good. For a month now she has been on prescription food to help with her kidney function. This food has reduced protein, phosphorus, and sodium. And here’s the good part: her BUN number went from 90 to 52 ! Do I hear a woot woot!. It is still too high, but it is falling so there is positive progress.

Her weight is still too low; a petite 5 lbs. 9 ozs. We are still working on that. She has not been vomiting since we started on this new canned kidney health food. I just need to get her to eat more.

Here’s a happier Ellie because she is feeling better. Isn’t she a cutie!!

Here’s hoping for continued progress!!


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  1. fyi: the compound liquid drug that Espressa takes, to stimulate her appetite, is called Calcitrol. I give it to her once or twice a week, very small amount. She doesn’t enjoy it but doesn’t seem to hate it either. It’s REALLY improved her appetite. I think I pay $44 for several month’s worth of it. You might want to ask your vet.

    • Thanks for the info. I will ask my vet anout it.

      • because it’s a compound med, it’s made by a special pharmacy. my vet uses Roadrunner. she sends in the scrip then I call and confirm details (fish flavor in almond oil) and billing and the ship it out.

  2. So happy to hear that Expressa is doing better! Yup, Ellie’s food is low protein, but that is what she and her kidneys need right now. She goes back to the vet in a month for some other tests to further check her kidney function. Here’s hoping she is doing better then.

    A must say that although I am happy to do it, prescription cat food is expensive!! Ellie’s little canned food is $1.37/can. She eats 2 cans/day and I am trying to get her up to anther half can/day. That is a little more than $100/month — for one cat! Yikes! She better get better before I retire because I won’t be able to afford that.

  3. glad to read that her BUN numbers are better. my vet suggested against the food you recommended, due to the low protein.

    we just had more blood tests and Espressa’s numbers have all remained stable – with a 12.5% weight gain in 6 months, thanks to the new compound med that increases her appetite. the change in her personality, from mopey to interactive, has been dramatic!! and the best part is that it’s a liquid med that I only give once a week.

    i usually check out all the BlueBuffalo options and buy whatever has the highest calorie content… there’s an indoor (dry) formula that’s listed as 562cal/cup… roughly twice the calories of most other foods – so that’s Espressa’s current specialty food (though most of the other cats find and scarf it too).

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