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Falling Gas

I am ok; not injured at all. The falling gas is the price at the pump. A big Woot Woot because I filled up today for less than $30!!
Yup, gas was less than $3.00 a gallon. Cheaper than one year ago. I drive 52 miles round trip to/from work, so spending less at the pump adds up quickly for me.

Keep falling gas prices; I will be there to catch you — when you drop to less than $2.00 a gallon. Or if I get greedy, how about less than $1.00 a gallon.


Comments on: "Falling Gas" (2)

  1. I saw $2.95/gal while I was running errands and was kinda bummed that I didn’t need gas at the time. In my hood, it’s currently $3.05-$3.35. Nice to see but since I’m barely driving anywhere, I don’t get the extreme joy I would feel if I was still commuting 60 mpd

  2. I drive 14 miles a day to and from work, so I guess I can’t complain! Fifty-two miles is a lot of driving and a lot of gas (unless you drive a hybrid). My coworkers and I used to complain that if the price of gas rose to $4 a gallon, it would hardly be worth going to work since our employer didn’t pay us very much.

    I was thinking that if the price of gas falls to $2 a gallon, I might actually be able to affrod to go shopping for myself. I need a new fall-weight jacket after my old down one popped a hole in its seams. I do go thrift-store hunting for a lot of my clothes, but it’d be nice to buy a coat that didn’t smell like mothballs or had someone else’s hair on the collar. 🙂

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