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Take That, Murphy!

Today I kicked Murphy in the butt. Murphy of Murphy’s Law — if anything can go wrong, it will.

I got up this morning and went to work. I took a few minutes of personal time to pay my maintenance plan for my home furnace and schedule my yearly maintenance appointment. ‘Twas hoping to get one the week of Thanksgiving, but no luck. That’s ok. I procrastinated so now I have to wait. Not a problem because all is well.

Here’s where Murphy’s Law comes in. Tonight is going to be cold (brrrr cold) due to that Alaskan cold trough hitting much of the United States. Not as cold as the Midwest, but the first cold snap here for the winter.
Again, I was not all that concerned because I did my outdoor cold chores over the weekend and I was just going to stay inside.

I come home after work and the house was cold. I checked the furnace and it was not blowing any warm air. Darn Murphy!

I call my furnace company about 4:45, thinking they would send someone out in the morning. Nope, they will be at my house shortly! Yay–paying my maintenance plan earlier in the day got me that instant treatment. Here is the sick furnace.

The guy was here less than 15 minutes. The igniter had warn out. He replaced it and warm air is flowing through the house. And the cats, especially Ellie, is happy.

If I would not have paid my maintenance plan earlier in the day, I would be freezing by morning. And that is how I kicked Murphy’s butt.


Comments on: "Take That, Murphy!" (4)

  1. We’ve found the maintenance plan to be worth the money. Even if you don’t need it.

  2. Brrr! Glad the repair guy got your furnace fixed quickly! During my first winter in Minnesota, the heat went out in our apartment building. It was considered a relatively mild weekend in January, but to a native Californian it felt like Antarctica. I was also sick and didn’t want to leave my apartment while the landlord got someone to repair the furnace, so I huddled under what few blankets I had (I was woefully unprepared for living in the Upper Midwest) in the warmest clothes I had. I also drank a lot of hot cocoa and tea, then finally turned on the oven and left the door open, which all the safety manuals tell you not to do. It worked as a temporary heater, but just thinking of that day makes me glad I don’t live in Minnesota anymore.

    • That would be a horrible experience. I remember once when my daughter was little, our furnace went out. We bundled up and wrapped ourselves in blankets. It was 52 F. inside the house. Ever since then I have a little space heater. Don’t use it very much, but when I need it, I am so thankful I have it. I prefer cold over hot. My theory is that you can always put more clothes on to get warm, but you can never take enough off if you are hot.

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