Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Went out today to rake more leaves.
I completely filled up the yard waste bin, but luckily had a couple of paper leaf bags. Filled those up too. Looks like there will be a round 3 though. Still leaves on the tree.
We have cold cold weather coming in a few days so I did what I could before everything freezes. I even dug up the dead annuals from the flower pots. Drained the hoses and put faucet covers on the outside faucets.
Unfortunately, I still have not had my snow blower maintenance done. This procrastination may come back to bite me if we get a heavy snow. Oh well.


Comments on: "Fall Cleanup – Round 2" (2)

  1. And I was saying to myself the other day, ‘I miss having a real fall.’ I forgot about all the chores you have to do before that first hard freeze! I also don’t miss shoveling snow or raking massive piles of leaves. Hope you aren’t hit by the early polar vortex. My friends in Minnesota are all crying because they had such a short period of warm weather!

    • As I get older, I am finding the chores harder to do. We are only getting the fringes of that polar vortex, thank goodness! I heard that Minnesota even got snow!! So now I just have to get ready to shovel snow. Or, if too much snow, I crank up the snow blower and tell the little snowflakes who’s the boss.

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