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Ladder to ??

I have this great quilt ladder that I use to hold/hang quilts. Last night I moved it into the sewing room. Before I could remove some hangers or put some quilts on it, Sunni was climbing to the top.
Did she think this was the stairway ladder to heaven?


Comments on: "Ladder to ??" (5)

  1. i think they are perpetually getting as high as they can to ensure we look up to them as gawds

  2. I heard on the cable show “My Cat From Hell,” that being up high makes a cat feel safe and provides them with a sense that they have their own space. It’s why the cat guru host on the show tells owners of crazy cats to put up cat shelves or towers to quell their cats’ insanity. (If only this worked on humans! I would have put up shelves for my parents, lol.)

    My little feral cat claimed the top of a six-foot-high bookcase as her space. If I had the nerve to put anything on that spot, she’d knock it down, just to learn me a thing or two. She busted my Christmas nutcracker and a ceramic vase that way, the little @#%!

  3. No, they’re just crazy that way. Seriously, they like to get up as high as possible so they can see everything that’s going on. Don’t ask why; I don’t know…

    • I think they like to play vulture. You know, glaring at us bi-peds from up high. I am seriously considering putting up a high shelf just for the cats.

      • They’d love it. Just be sure they have a way to get up and down that doesn’t involve jumping and/or knocking stuff over, or you’ll have a real mess. I always find one of mine on top of the refrigerator, on top of the TV cabinet, or one of the china cabinets (we don’t actually have any china, but ended up with two somehow).

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