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Fall Cleanup

The leaves on my maple tree have begun to fall. Finally. But so many more are left.

This morning I raked up what was on the ground. I didn’t really do a great job because there are so many more to come.
And then I thought I would clean up a couple of the hostas.
I filled the yard waste bin for the week, so I am feeling good about that.

Daughter and I went to see Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllanhall. He does a spectacular job playing a very creepy character. And he lost weight for this movie, which adds to the creep factor.

Quick late lunch, which did not agree with me at all. So now I am just lying down trying not to be sick to my stomach. Hope I succeed.


Comments on: "Fall Cleanup" (4)

  1. WAY more cleaning up than I would have done (as evidenced by my still un-opened leaf blower/vacuum).

    Thanks for the tip, in comments, about cat vomit cleaner… despite the fact that my carpet is now so old and filthy that I barely bother to clean it either.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Holy pile of leaves! You have your work cut out for you, especially since it looks like most of the leaves are still on the tree! Be careful of your back and shoulders: I ripped up my rotator cuff while raking, so I had to buy one of those ear-splitting leaf blowers to finish the job. (None of my kids would do it, even with the blower. They were more than happy to jump in the pile and ruin a day’s work, however.)

    Hope you feel better and didn’t end up with a case of food poisoning or a virus. There is a stomach “flu” going around the schools out here. The kids first announce their tummies hurt, then they toss their cookies all over the carpet. I go through enough hand sanitizer to fill a wading pool. The last thing I need now is more kid bugs!

    • Yeah, the tree is still full of leaves. I have to stay on top of them because the yard waste pickup is each week. I lucked out yesterday in that it wasn’t raining. I’ll be careful. I would be more likely to trip and fall. At least I could land in a pile of leaves.

      I was sick all night, but much better this morning. Keep that sanitizer handy. And maybe nose plugs. The smell of vomit makes me want to join in. I found that a little mixture of vinegar, water, and a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid is an excellent carpet cleaner for vomit (cat vomit anyway).

      Stay healthy!!

      • Thanks! When I was pregnant with my first kid, I had morning-noon-and-night sickness. I had to actively fight the urge to barf all day long. As a result, I got pretty good at overcoming a fit of nausea. Then with three kids, three cats, and a dog with a sensitive stomach, I got expert at cleaning up vomit without getting nauseated myself. Most times, anyway…. 😉

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