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New Bedroom – Part 1

We last left off with the huge headboard still in the bedroom. A friend stopped by the other night and we were able to move it to the garage.

Alas, I had painted the room several years ago, but could not paint behind the headboard. This is now quite apparent.
I searched high and low and think I found the paint for that room. Looked like a match, right? (Amazing how artificial light dulls the color in the room. The paint color in the picture above is more realistic).
So I threw down some plastic and did a quick paint job. Uh-oh, looks too light.
I came back a couple of hours later, and voila!
I gave it a quick second coat and declared it a done deal.

Today, I took a day off from work and had Junk n Dump come by to haul away stuff. An old love seat, 2 old TVs, queen-size bed frame with drawers and headboard, old cans of paint, old fertilizer, plant food, decrepit sawhorses, and anything else I could dig out of the garage.
A quick check written and I almost have my garage back. At least enough so I can park the car in it.

So tonight, Halloween, I plan to clear out a few boxes in the bedroom. And after a thorough vacuum, hopefully move the bed into the bedroom. Novel concept, huh? Bed in the bedroom. I am thinking a bit of a sugar rush should make this a quick job.

Wish me luck!


Comments on: "New Bedroom – Part 1" (3)

  1. can i get some of whatever’s giving you so much motivation and energy?!?

  2. I like the blue. It’s a nice soft color. I don’t think Home Depot or other big-box stores mix the paint colors correctly, however. I once bought a paint that was supposed to be a pale butter color, but when we got it on the walls, it looked the yolk on a fried egg. My kids liked it anyway because it made the room look warmer, which is kinda important in Minnesota. But I would walk into the room and wonder why I was suddenly hungry for a big breakfast.

    • My daughter’s room has egg yolk yellow in it, so I totally understand the breakfast thing. I like bright colors. Only the downstairs bathroom has white walls. Every other room has been painted. I painted the laundry room a bright sunny yellow because it gets no outside light.

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