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Junk Room Be Gone

Early this summer I bought a new bed and put it in the sewing room. The old bed was a waveless waterbed and I needed to drain and dismantle it.

Needless to say, that did not happen over the summer. In fact, the bedroom became the junk room.
I am done procrastinating because I now must move the bed from the sewing room into the bedroom. My new chair for the sewing room should be here any day. So the declutter begins.

I cleared stuff off and set up to drain the waterbed. It has not been touched for 15 years. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was a shallow fill mattress. Yay – drained in about 10 minutes. Miko supervised.
I then had to drag the waterbed mattress to the garage. Same with the other 2 mattresses. Fairly easy for one person to deal with.
Now I have to deal with the frame and headboard. There are six drawers under the bed. Check. And the drawer frame. Check. But the headboard is too heavy and bulky for me to move by myself. Drat!
A little side note. I found the following lip balms under the bed. I knew there would be a few because the cats would bat them around from the headboard. But this many?

So the bedroom is almost ready. I just need some assistance moving the headboard and then I can move the bed into the bedroom. New chair — we are almost ready for you!


Comments on: "Junk Room Be Gone" (2)

  1. all those balms but none of my missing hand cremes, dang.
    good job on moving the mattresses!

  2. Holy cats, I don’t know how you handled moving all that stuff by yourself! That looks like a two-woman job, especially since you have to move things to different rooms.

    That headboard made me chuckle a bit, as I think half of my friends owned similar ones back in the 70s and early 80s. It was supposed to be “funky” and antique-like, though they’ve become really dated. 🙂 That patchwork quilt under all the stuff still looks cute, though. I hope you keep that one!

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