Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Today I had to finally turn the heat on. It was only 61 F. inside the house. That was warmer than the 57 F. that was today’s high.

I was working from home today and it was kind of hard to flex my little fingers when they were frozen. Good thing I have fingerless gloves that allow me to type, but also warm my digits. Miko likes that they are multi-colored.
Miko and Sunni stay warm, or find ways to keep warm. Ellie, on the other hand, does not have even a minuscule amount of fat to insulate her. So she has a pet snuggly that helps keep her toasty. I put it (the pet snuggly, not Ellie) in the microwave for a few minutes and it keeps warm most of the day. She sits on it like a throne.
And I had to add a little quilt to the bedding. Of course, the girls had to fully inspect it to be sure it would keep everyone warm. Hope it passes inspection because it’s going to be chilly this evening.


Comments on: "Fall Has Fell and It’s Getting Chilly" (6)

  1. I’m always buying anything I find that might make a warm bed for Espressa but, so far, the heated mattress pad is everyone’s favorite. It has 6 zones so I can warm just the foot of the bed, just on the side she prefers, without roasting myself.

    It just dawned on me that I won’t be able to use that round heating pad this year because I no longer have a microwave.

  2. Fifty-seven was our LOW out here, lol! I’m frankly glad the temperatures in our area are finally dropping. It was too darn hot for too long, and I was getting sick of staring at my closet in the morning and wondering what I could wear that wouldn’t make me all sweaty by the end of work.

    Of course, cooler weather means the viruses are back, with a vengeance. I got flagged by HR and told to get a flu shot. Hope you stay warm and well, especially with all those kitties to take care of!

    • I now have to pull out my winter clothes, long sleeves and sweaters. I can’t even find my rain coat. But it is so old and falling apart, I think I deserve a new one.

      I got my flu shot a few weeks ago. I ended up with the flu a long time ago and gave gotten flu sits since then. Hate the flu, and now that I am older, I definitely don’t want it!

      Hope you stay healthy too. At least you’ll be warm.

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