Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Midweek Update

Here’s a quick update on all the goings on in my life.

My little shed in the backyard needed a paint job. And you all know that I have recently been into painting furniture. So I sanded the peeling paint. Primed the sanded areas. Two coats of paint. A new diagonal piece of wood to replace a rotted one. Voila!
I finished Fall of Giants, the first book in Ken Follett’s Century trilogy. It was exceptional! I am truly immersed in the lives of the characters. I’ve started the second book, Winter of the World.
Daughter found a job! She was unemployed for about two months, so she was definitely ready to get back into some sort of routine. Congrats to her!

Ellie, the sick Siamese, is hanging in there. She seems to be feeling a bit better, but it is hard to tell. One thing I am sure of is that she loves the new kidney diet food. I hear the Siamese yowl when she thinks she needs some.

I am amazed at all the things I am now able to hear. Especially at work. I can now hear conversations in cubes from the next row. And I am hearing everything in meetings! It was all I could do to not exclaim “I heard that” in a recent meeting. But now that I can hear, what can I use as my excuse?


Comments on: "Midweek Update" (4)

  1. if you’re bored, my entire house needs sanding & paint… quality not required.

    is hearing everything driving you crazy? I have “sonic hearing”, which is probably why I’m so loud (I hear everything else loud and think I’m at the same volume)… no one believes me till they whisper something 6′ away from me and I butt into the convo because I heard every word.

    • Haha – I would probably die if I had to do anything I warm weather. And anything bigger than my tiny shed. But nice try.

      I am getting used to the superhearing and just turn down my aids. Yay!!

      TTFN Sandy


  2. You got hearing aids? You seem too young for that! Though I suppose my kids would say I need them myself: there are times where I can’t understand what they’re saying on the phone, and I have to ask them two of three times to repeat what they’ve said. (I always blame it on the crappy reception we have around here. 😉 )

    I’m also having a much harder time hearing people in noisy settings. I used to get annoyed with this one friend who refused to eat at busy restaurants because she said she couldn’t hear above the din: imagine walking around downtown San Francisco, looking for a place to have lunch at noontime, and my friend saying, “Nooo! Look at the crowd in there!” We ended up eating at her hotel’s cafe, which cost a lot more and wasn’t that good. 😦 But now I can sympathize somewhat with her, though I still wouldn’t eat at a hotel restaurant because of my hearing.

    Yay for your daughter! It’s so hard to find a good job these days. I hope she enjoys her work and her paycheck!

  3. Welcome back to the hearing world…When I first got my aids I couldn’t believe what I must have
    been missing. Now if only we could convince Kale that it doesn’t hurt ones image in the golf world..

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