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Another Table Done

I went to a funky antique-like fair last weekend and found this perfect table/cabinet. Even the color I wanted, a dark blue. However, they had refinished it and put this gold stencil on it. Ick!

I pulled out my handy-dandy sandpaper and went to work. Here is the front cabinet door with the gold stencil partially sanded off.
Because I bought this from the people who refinished it, they told me the paint color they used. My thought was to only sand and repaint the door. And I did.
After two coats of paint, the door was still noticeably lighter than the rest of the piece. Hmmm…maybe the wax will darken it up a bit. So wax on, wax off. That didn’t work. The door was still too light.
So I decided to go back to the people I bought it from and ask for a suggestion. My thought was they used a dark wax, whereas I was using a clear wax. Sure enough, that was their solution.

I purchased the dark wax and proceeded to apply it. It definitely darkened up the door. And I had some assistance too. Miko was in charge of buffing.
Here is the final piece.
Looking good! What shall I do next?


Comments on: "Another Table Done" (5)

  1. […] green, so naturally I pulled out my handy-dandy chalk paint. The dark blue is the same blue as the little cabinet I recently finished. The drawers are the same pale blue as the drawer in that little white table […]

  2. Where will this piece go in your house? It looks too gorgeous to hide in a bedroom, though I’d suspect that this is supposed to be a bedside table.

    I wish I was as craft-y as you: I won’t buy an item unless it’s more or less close to what I want. Then again, I miss having a writing desk so much, I’d almost take the ugly thing my parents had in their cluttered living room. It was a reject from my aunt’s house; she was going to throw it away, but my father for some odd reason insisted on taking it home. Nobody writes on it; it just sits in a corner, covered with junk and a layer of dust. I bet with new paint and wax you might be able to make it look attractive.

    • I am thinking this will go in the sewing room. The dark blue should match that of the chair I ordered.

      I can never find exactly what I want so I learned to “make adjustments.” I like having one-of-a-kind things and about the only way I can afford that is to be a bit crafty.

      I think we should still plan a stealthy visit to your old house to get that sewing machine and now this writing desk.

      • I don’t think it’s worth it! We’d be facing my brother’s crazy German shepherd and his gun collection. Plus, as I said, that writing desk is ugly. My aunt told me she got it as a freebie when her kids needed a desk for studying, but once they all took off for college, she wanted it gone. She thinks my dad will take garbage into the house if he thinks it might be useful. Which is true, unfortunately.

        • All true. But I like a bit of fantasy every now and then. Much like how I have it all planned out when I win the lottery. Sheer fantasy.

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