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Ellie, my petite Siamese, still has blood in her urine. Thus, she had an a appointment with Dr. Sherry today. She pleaded with me to not let Dr. Sherry do those bad things to her.
Dr. Sherry does not really do bad things, but Ellie does not like having a urine sample taken. She (Ellie) let out a typical Siamese yowl while her bladder was being prodded and poked.

Ellie was taken away for a few minutes for a quick blood test. When she came back, she decided to practice her ostrich pose. You know the one–if I can’t see you, then you aren’t there.
Not the best news. Ellie’s BUN (blood urea nitrogen) has gone up again. So Ellie got an antibiotic shot, some sub-cutaneous fluids, and a prescription for special food for kitties with kidney problems.

When we got back home, Ellie got right back into her standard routine. Yup, snuggling on my lap.
We’ll see if she will eat this new food. Trying to have separate food for three cats is an exercise in creative management. Since Ellie is usually on my lap, I decided to feed her on my lap.
Although this is the first feeding, she is gobbling the food down. Hope this helps.


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  1. you posted that she likes the food… which brand/type is it? maybe Espressa would like it too… her BUN levels are still in the “low elevated” range but every little thing helps. She’s also on a compounded med of… “calcatriol” in almond oil. she hates taking it (i love that it’s liquid) but it’s having the desired effect of increasing her appetite. i just got a call today that she’s due for a checkup to see if she’s improved at all.

    • Ellie is eating the new formula if Hills k/d good. She is gobbling down the chicken and vegetable stew. The new formula is not a pate, it is very stew-like.

      It is in the tiny cans. Be sure it says New formula”

      TTFN Sandy


      • thanks. I’ll look for it tomorrow.
        my cats have been on prescription Royal Canin calorie control for years but they eat so much that they negate any “control” it may offer. it’s really just to control Boo’s IBS

        • I think it is prescription only. But easy to get a prescription for it from your vet. PetSmart carries — at least where I am. I just bought a case of this tasty stuff. Shocked at how much Ellie loves this food and yowls to be fed now. Hope Expressa likes it too.

          TTFN Sandy


          • I saw it today. Noted that it was not “new formula”. I’ll ask for a scrip next time I’m at the vet’s. thanks for the 411

  2. get well soon ellie … hugs and purrs Star, Tiger and Boots

  3. Hope it works, come on Ellie. Bless her.

  4. Poor Ellie! I can relate: UTIs are not much fun. At least she didn’t have to get sub-cutaneous fluids pumped into her every day for a week, as we had to do with a couple of our cats.

    Hope the kidney diet works for her. We spent a small fortune on various kidney-friendly cat foods for my last cat, but she absolutely couldn’t stand any of them. For a scary period she was losing weight, at least ten pounds. Finally, the vet told me to just let her have what she liked because she was so old, there was no point in making her unhappy for the remainder of her years. Sigh. Hope things go better for you.

    • Ellie is very petite. Six lbs. so I consider it a miracle that she had not list weight as she gas none to lose. After a couple if days, she really likes the new good. So at least she will eat it. I am hoping for positive results!

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