Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Over the weekend, I worked on another little table. I bought this little thingy at a yard sale. Not quite sure what kind of table it is, but I plan to use it to hold sewing supplies, such as scissors, thread, needles, and pins. I can use the handle to easily move it from spot to spot.
It will usually reside in a room with a lot of white furniture and light blue half walls. Thus my color choice.

The top is a banged up veneer so I tried to do a bit of patching with a wood filler.
A few coats of white chalk paint, a couple coats of blue chalk paint, some elbow grease waxing, a new drawer knob, and voila!


Comments on: "DIY – Table Redux v2.0" (4)

  1. […] cabinet I recently finished. The drawers are the same pale blue as the drawer in that little white table thingy. Too much […]

  2. Nice job! it’s always satisfying giving new life to an old piece of furniture.

  3. Not sure what it is, either, but it’s a nice little table.

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