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DIY – Table Redux

I experimented with the latest DIY (do it yourself) craze — chalk paint.

A couple of years ago I bought this small table to put next to the recliner. I stained it and used it.

When deciding what small piece to experiment with, this little table volunteered. Of course, I forgot a before picture. But I remembered to grab one while at least one leg was still unpainted.
I made my own chalk paint, using a sample color I got from Home Depot, a little plaster of paris, and some water.

Here’s after the first coat.
I let that dry, did a light sanding, then came the second coat.

After that dried overnight, I did a very light sanding, but not the distressed look sanding. Then it was wax time. Here’s a picture with only part of the top waxed. Can you tell?

After a quick dry time, a little buffing, then the second coat of wax. Wax on, wax off.
Dry and buff. Miko seems to like it. The wall behind the table is a light peach color, though the picture makes it look a little pinkish.
Maybe this one shows the wall color better.
Anyway, I am pleased with the experiment. This will be my next piece. A cute little thing I grabbed at a yard sale. It will be perfect next to the new chair in the sewing room. Maybe white, with the drawer a light blue?


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  1. i must not know what “chalk paint” is… I was thinking chalk-board paint.. so you could write on the table with chalk (I grew up with chalk-board closet doors). it looks very nice!

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