Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Getting Comfy

I have been cleaning, clearing, decluttering, and so on. One of the big projects is in the sewing room.

I want to get back to quilting, so am getting the space ready. Today I ordered the chair from heaven.
Not getting the pillows in the picture though. That front pillow reminds me of a robot reading a book. Do you see it?

This baby is a swivel glider that melts around your body. I have test driven this very chair at least a dozen times over the past couple of months. We are on a first name basis. Oh, the chair’s name is Quinn.

I not only ordered this chair with the blue paisley fabric, but also got Quinn’s cousin, the glider ottoman. They are a very close family.

So now I have about a month to completely clean out the spare bedroom so I can move the bed from the sewing room into the bedroom. Quinn and cousin, Otto, deserve a room of their own.

This chair is so spectacular, my friend also bought one. Hers is a charcoal gray paisley. Wonder what her chair and ottoman’s name are.


Comments on: "Getting Comfy" (3)

  1. Quinn seems very lovely

  2. I see what you mean by the reading robot on the pillow! What an odd design. I’m assuming it’s supposed to be the front of a boat, but it’s more like a Rorschach blot, lol. (“I see two men in top hats fighting each other.”)

    The chair will look lovely in your “new” room. Be sure to take some time to enjoy it. I have a friend who bought this ‘hi-tech’ recliner, but she has yet to sit down in it. She’s never home, always doing something after work, traveling, yadda yadda. Same with my mother. Until she developed Alzheimer’s, she never sat down in her comfy chair. “I’m too busy to sit!” she used to say.

    • I totally plan to enjoy it. Sewing, reading, watching a movie, and so on. I may have trouble leaving the chair.

      So glad someone else sees something in that pillow. Would give me nightmares.

      TTFN Sandy


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