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The Big Read

I am a prolific reader. When I find a book I like, if it is in a series, I will read the entire series. For example, I once read a Spenser book written by Robert B. Parker. I have since read every single one of the Spenser series, in the correct order. I have also read all of the Sunny Randall and Jesse Stone books, also by Robert B. Parker. (Let me be honest, the Jesse Stone series is also a fav due to Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone in the movies.)
A few years ago I came across Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. It is a historical novel taking place in the 12th century about the building of a cathedral. It was fascinating, so I also read the sequel, World Without End. Superb reading; I could not put them down.

Now I am ready to begin Follett’s Century trilogy.
The third book comes out tomorrow so it’s time to start the big read. I hate having a series interrupted, so I have been patiently waiting for number 3 to be released.

– Book 1 is Fall of Giants. 832 pages.
– Book 2 is Winter of the World. 865 pages.
– Book 3 is Edge of Eternity. 1102 pages.

How long will it take to read all three? Place your bets.

Let the big read commence!


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