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Pity Party and Pedis

Friday was a horrible day. My cat died. A dear friend met me after the vet visit and we were going to have dinner and drown our sorrows. Friend was sad too because her youngest daughter has left for college. She also knew MeiMei, the cat.

While meeting for dinner, my daughter called. She was upset; she too was having a horrible day. So a pity party was formed with me, Daughter, and Friend in attendance.

After a satisfying dinner, drinks, and pitiful details, it was time to go home. Daughter decided to come home with me and spent the night. She even got to sleep in her old room, but in the new bed. She took a non-selfie from her bed.
The next morning we continued the pity party with dual pedicures. There is nothing so relaxing as soaking your feet, sugar scrubs, and leg and feet massages. And then the art of toenail polish.


Comments on: "Pity Party and Pedis" (4)

  1. So sorry about your day, and more so about your cat.
    Pity party definitely needed.
    I love that you and your daughter have the same foot!
    (My girl has my husband’s foot.
    It was the first thing I saw when they handed her to me.
    Dang! That’s not my foot!
    I was shocked.)

    • Thanks for your kind words.

      I am sure my daughter does not want my feet, curled toes and all. She is a runner and rock climber, so her toes are always banged up.

      TTFN Sandy


  2. If there ever was a time to pamper yourself, this would be it. I love your toenail paint jobs! Just out of curiosity, how long do they last? I’m kind of rough on my feet and at work I have to wear running shoes. At home I only wear flipflops or Birkenstocks, so that would be the time my toenails get some air. 🙂

    • The polish lasts a long time because they put a protective sealer on. I usually get them done every month in the summer because the nail grows out. In the winter, I only do them about every 6-8 weeks when I my ties look gnarly or I need pampering. It has become something my daughter and I do together.

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