Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Here is where I spent my Saturday.
I was so stressed out from the long work week, I sat there all day with a good book and a cold drink. The upper deck is in the shade most of the day, so although the temperature was in the mid 80s, it was quite comfortable.

Add in the light reading of Deborah Brown’s Trouble in Paradise, and it was almost paradise. The only trouble I had was staying awake.

Of course, there was an audience. (There is always an audience.)


Comments on: "Relaxing" (3)

  1. i love when my kitties realize i’m in the backyard and, 1 by 1, they each come out to sit with me

  2. My house is up on a little hill and the upper deck is 2nd story. So I can see into neighbor’s yards and they can see into mine.

    I used to have a wooden fence that offered a bit more privacy. However it was a maintenance nightmare and I replaced it with chain link.

    Although I was outside much of the day, I didn’t see or hear anyone. It’s a quiet neighborhood now that my a**hole neighbors have moved.

  3. You can see your neighbors’ yards from your deck? In the Midwest, we had open backyards where we could see everybody’s barbecues, garden projects, drunken family arguments, etc. Here in CA we have opaque fences that are at least six feet high surrounding the backyard. I like it better, since I feel like I have more privacy.

    Hope you had a relaxing weekend, no matter who was watching you. 😉

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