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Goodbye Joan

I was lucky enough to attend a Joan Rivers performance in the late 1980s. There was a contest on a radio station where you were to explain why you were so dumb. Hey, that was easy!

My story was I am so dumb around cars that I had to attend a remedial class at the local junior college on how to gas up the car. I flunked.

But I won 2 up-front seats at a dinner and live performance with Joan Rivers. I don’t remember the dinner, but I sure remember Joan.
One part of her shtick was for women only. “Can we talk?” Yup, she was talking about gynecological exams. But it was done in semi-good taste in that the men in the audience had no clue what she was talking about. But the women were all peeing their panties from laughing so hard. Her comments about warming up the speculum still brings a chuckle.

I know — it is a story that you just to have been there to understand. I remember walking out later with my then husband and I was still laughing. So were the rest of the women. The men were clueless. They laughed because Joan is just funny, but they were basically caught up in the moment.

So thank you Joan for that incredible memory. I will always laugh when I think of you. And what more could a comedienne want.


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  1. I forgot about that, her “Can we talk?” routine. I was a little angry at her fat-shaming Elizabeth Taylor, though I have to admit I laughed at the jokes as well. Hearing Rivers take jabs at celebrities whose problems were undoubtedly First World was both hilarious and empowering, especially as we get bombarded with Entertainment Tonight/People Magazine/Gawker “do I need to hear this?” gossip. (No, I don’t care how Kim Kardashian dresses her baby or what kind of swimsuit she wore during the Labor Day weekend.) I’ll miss her, even as I roll my eyes at her catty Fashion Police wisecracks.

    • I preferred her from her earlier years. I personally think some of her recent comments were a tad mean and I didn’t find them funny. But she was one funny chick!

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