Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Berries and Berninas

I picked more raspberries and also some blackberries.
And then the munching and freezing began.
I have been busy decluttering and cleaning the house. One thing I am specifically working towards is getting back to quilting. My poor Bernina has sat idle for a few years. But it is time to get back in the groove. So I bundled it up and took it in for a tune-up. Miko helped.
I’ll get it back next week and the fun will begin. Stay tuned for quilting stories.


Comments on: "Berries and Berninas" (6)

  1. Sneaky Pete’s plan is coming together!

  2. My mother had a Bernina, which now sits unused and lonely in a closet at my father’s house. I’ve been tempted to go rescue it, but then I think about dealing with ‘them’ again and I think, nah, I’d rather just shop for a basic Singer on craigslist. Berninas are marvelous machines, though. Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours!

    • Sheesh – that’s a bummer you can’t get the Bernina. They are outstanding sewing machines; sooooo much better than Singers (IMHO). Contact my friend Sneaky Pete to go get it for you.

      • There’s a nut with guns and an untrained German shepherd at that house. I wouldn’t ask anyone, not even a Sneaky Pete, to go in there. :-/

        • I would guess that Sneaky Pete would arrange some sort of diversion so that all would be out of the house. A raw steak for dog and voila, an easy retrieval that no one would even notice it is missing. (Yeah. I watch too much TV.)

          • She (the dog) actually loves laser pointers. She goes ga-ga when someone points one in a dark room. But I’d suggest a chunk of fried chicken with a sleeping pill stuck in it. Then somebody could strip the house of everything if they wanted it. (I don’t, but I wish I had taken my younger daughter’s manga collection, the Bernina, my mother’s Japanese art, and some posters. There are probably some other things I’ve forgotten, but they’re not worth making a trip back for.)

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