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Ellie, my petite Siamese, is not feeling so good. Her interstitial cystitis has sapped her energy. One very noticeable change is that she struggles jumping up and down from the bed.

The solution is handy-dandy pet stairs.
It only took her one day to realize exactly how handy-dandy they are. Now she not only uses them for their intended purpose, but also as a queen of the mountain post.


Comments on: "Caturday – Stairway to Heaven" (4)

  1. i was just debating a stairwell for espressa. she can still jump but I’m sure she’d prefer not to do so. but space in my bedroom is already limited.

    • I got the Solvit Pupstairs from Amazon for $30. It doesn’t easily fold up, but has free space underneath to fit over a vent if necessary. I was surprised how quickly Ellie started using it. She uses it more for getting down than up. Hope Expressa gets something to help her.

  2. Poor Ellis, hope she’s feeling better soon. My mum renovated a Lloyd Loom blanket box for me, but my black cat Ella has taken to it as a step up to bed! I’ll post some piccies soon if I can catch her at it!

  3. Poor Ellie! I can relate, having just gotten over a bladder infection. It does look like she’s enjoying being queen of the cat steps, however!

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