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Managing Your Vices

I was sitting at the car dealer, waiting for the car to get serviced. Looking up, I saw this.

Yup, Vice Manager. Which of course got me thinking about my own little vices. My vice is dark chocolate.

But what exactly is a vice? An immoral or evil habit or practice.

Hmmm, I don’t think that eating chocolate should be considered as an immoral or evil habit or practice. Maybe I need a new definition.

Criminal activity involving prostitution, pornography, or drugs. Hell no, that definition won’t work for me!

A fault, defect, or shortcoming. I would hate to think of chocolate as a defect. Of course eating chocolate (in excess) could be a shortcoming with regards to a healthy weight.

Aha, the Free Merriam-Webster dictionary has a definition of vice as a minor bad habit. Now I can live with that definition. Eating dark chocolate is a minor–but oh, so tasty–vice.

So now that I have acknowledged my vice, let’s get into details.

Dark chocolate! And if it is orange dark chocolate, the better. My favorite chocolate is Seattle Chocolates Orange Appeal (great play on words) Truffle Bar.

The managing of this vice is difficult. If I happen to have one of these chocolate bars, I must devour it immediately. Not much managing going on there.

My next favorite chocolate is the little Dove Promises – Dark Chocolate, of course.

Small bites of creamy dark chocolate that indeed deliver the promise of a quality taste experience. I have a bag of these at my desk, and usually indulge in one every afternoon. Perfection in size and taste, without over doing it. And only 42 calories each.

And that is how I manage my chocolate vice. What’s your vice–your minor bad habit? And how do you manage it?


Comments on: "Managing Your Vices" (4)

  1. Oh,Dove promises are good. Have you had ChocoLove? They’re great, plus they have love poems inside. I also like Trader Joe’s dark chocolates. And I recently tried sesame dark chocolate by some brand which I’ve forgotten ($8/bar).

    • Hmmm – I will have to find some ChocoLove to try. And next time I go to Trader Joe’s, I will check out their chocolate too. Have never tried sesame chocolate, but did have a spicy chocolate once. Hated it, but I don’t like spicy anyway. There is lots of good chocolate out there; I better get busy!

  2. Gluttony is my favorite vice! I love to order dessert after a big, satisfying dinner at a restaurant. Not to mention wine with an apertif and espresso afterwards.

    I do try to be aware of waste and those who aren’t as fortunate to be able to dine out. While I’m not thinking of my vices when I volunteer to work at my church’s dinners for the homeless, it is sort of my way of doing penance. I hope the people who eat what I cook come away satisfied and happy as when I have a fruit tart or a triple chocoate layer cake.

    • Yay for gluttony! I am with you on enjoying dessert after a great meal. In myind, there’s always room for ice cream or perhaps that triple chocolate layer cake you mentioned.

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