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A Berry Good Day

Yesterday, I went raspberry picking.

Didn’t pick too many because it was getting hot. This was not a planned outing, just a spur of the moment thing. But a little box of berries was a good start.


I like to freeze them for use in smoothies or on cereal in the winter. First, I gently wash them by emerging them in cold water and light spraying. 20140824-102556-37556875.jpg
After draining, the little red gems are placed on paper towels to absorb the water.
Before going any further, it is time for a quick quality test. Raspberries on cereal.
After drying, I gently place them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. And because I don’t want any extra moisture in the berries when I freeze them, I do a quick dry with the hair dryer (weird, but effective).
Now they are ready for the freezer.
After they are frozen (a couple of hours), I place them in freezer bags.

That small box yielded 8 cups of frozen raspberries and enough fresh raspberries for four bowls of cereal.

Yum!!! Doing blueberries next.


Comments on: "A Berry Good Day" (4)

  1. too funny… last night I was nomming frozen blueberries wondering if raspberries & blackberries would work out well too

    • Finishing up the blueberries and going to start on blackberries. Love munching frozen raspberries; you get an extra tart kick.

  2. This would normally be blackberry season down here in CA, but this summer the berries are all small and dried up. I have my favorite roadside thicket, but last week, nothing: just angry yellow jackets trying to drive me away from the remaining berries. I guess I’ll have to wait until Oregon blackberries make it to the produce market. 😦

    • Blackberries are just coming on here. I hope to get some later this week. Hoping to nor encounter any stinging insect, but have my Epi pen at the ready!

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