Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Saturday was interesting. A friend and I decided to attend a local street fair. On the way to the fair we came across this sight.
Yup, a gang of turkeys. And that is what you call a group of turkeys. You could also refer to them as a rafter or posse of turkeys, but I prefer gang.

There was some primo people-watching going on at the street fair. In one area a band was playing. But the audience was standing quite aways back from the stage. As we got closer, the reason became apparent.
(Sorry for the bad photo.) A man dressed all in black, skinny jeans, cowboy boots, long hair, and obviously high on something (maybe life) was in the center area. He was doing this odd, but semi-seductive dance (if you could call it that) and gesturing to the sky. People were more interested in watching him from afar. What a shame as the band was pretty good.

And then this happened.
I was minding my own business when a local gang got upset about a photo I had taken earlier. They complained to the authorities and I was placed in protective custody.

Ha… Obviously this is a lame attempt at a joke. The gang was the gang of turkeys. The police had a squad car available for viewing and photo ops. My friend and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to embarrass our children.

We then went to a local thrift store. Unfortunately I was already overheated after some time in the sun and the store had no AC. I was sweating profusely (doesn’t that sound better than “sweating like a pig?”) and felt like I was about to faint from the heat, so I went to sit in my air-conditioned car. The sun was shining through the side window. I opened an umbrella to use as a shade. After reclining the seat, cranking up the AC, and shading myself from the sun’s brutal glare, I rested and tried to cool down. Little did I know that the store’s owner had come outside and noticed me in the car. Concerned, he went back inside and told my friend that I was lying down in the car with an umbrella open. I’m sure it did look a bit odd. I had told my friend where I was going, so she knew the situation. The owner probably thought she was an uncaring friend who was only interested in making a good deal. But after about 10 minutes, I felt better. My friend returned with her purchases and we left.

A delicious Chinese dinner and lots of cold drinks finished off the evening. I need to remember to stay out of the sun when it is so hot. Nothing worse than an alleged felon fainting from heat exhaustion. Hey, that could be another situation to embarrass my daughter!!


Comments on: "Gangs, Police, and The Heat" (2)

  1. I’ve never gotten used to the tendency of so many shops in Washington state to not have air conditioning. I realize hot weather tends to be short-lived out there, at least in prior years. (Global climate change, sigh.) But when I visited my son in Olympia last summer, the temps went into the mid-80s, and it was humid. We looked for a place with AC so we could have lunch and cool down, but the small cafes and restaurants had only fans. Only the high-end white-tablecloth restaurants had air conditioning, and I didn’t want to pay $20 just for the ‘privilege’ of eating lunch in a comfortable dining room. Same thing with the local bookstores and clothing shops: no AC, maybe a fan running if you were lucky. I was so glad to get into my car and run the air conditioning, even though it was just adding more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere (as my son helpfully pointed out). :-/

    Hope you’re sitting in a comfortable cool spot now. Wild turkeys, I’ll add, are kind of scary.

    • I agree about lack of AC. I am getting to the point that if the inside environment isn’t suitable for my “I’m so hot I’m melting” needs, I will go elsewhere.

      It has been an exceptionally hot summer here. I need cooler weather and I need it now!!

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