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Perfect Vacation

I have family visiting this week so took time off from work. My sister-in-law (SIL), her husband (BIL), and their precious Little Bit dog have stopped by on their extended RV trip from Alaska to Florida.

They arrived Monday afternoon, but unfortunately had truck problems. Thus the truck is in the shop. Thank goodness they didn’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere. And there is a lot of middle of nowhere from Alaska to eastern Washington.

We have been busy doing a little shopping, hair salon appointments, and emergency dental visits. Since they love sushi, we went to Sushi Maru, where the food wends by you on a little conveyor belt.

Little Bit, the dog, needed to visit a dog grooming parlor. Since I don’t have a dog, I googled for a local place. And I found Lil Bit O’Grooming Pet Salon. Similar names (it’s a sign) and next door to a quaint diner. So we ate breakfast while Little Bit got beautified. They had a metal statue in front of the salon. It screamed photo op.
This afternoon, we went to the Arbor Crest Winery for some wine tasting. This place sits high atop a bluff overlooking the Spokane Valley. The view is incredible.

The wine was incredible too. I normally don’t drink a lot of wine, but these two bottles appealed to my palate. Part of the purchase of the red goes to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My dad died of lymphoma, so it seems appropriate.
It has been the perfect vacation, visiting with family I haven’t seen in several years, getting caught up on what everyone has been doing, and enjoying good food with good company.


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  1. I’m glad you got to enjoy time with your sister-in-law and attendant family. The Little Bit O’Grooming cracked me up, the truck breaking down, not so much, since I just paid $200 to get my car fixed. (Ouch.) I’ve heard about the Yakima Valley and its wineries—we actually stopped at a couple to try the wines and bring home a case as we were passing through on our way home to Minnesota—but not of the Spokane Valley. It’s another reason I need to drive through the eastern section of the state again!

    The sushi on a conveyor belt seems to be a ‘thing’ up in the Northwest. I had never seen one before until I visited relatives in Portland, who took me to a similar restaurant. The sushi was good, but I thought about the snobs down in California who would have a fit if their sushi came down a conveyor belt. It also makes it really easy to go overboard eating. I didn’t realize how much I’d put away until I glanced at the stack of empty plates growing in front of me. (And each plate was about three dollars. Yikes.)

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