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And Another Storm

Early evening on Saturday, another severe thunderstorm rolled in. This is the second severe storm in the last 10 days. Here’s a short video of what was happening in the back yard.

And the power went out AGAIN. It came back on this morning as I was contemplating how to get my car out if the garage. Reports were that the power might not be restored until Monday evening.
Her’s a picture taken out front, facing southwest, as the storm approaches.

Here are a few lessons I have learned in the past couple of weeks.

  • Keep your phone charged.
  • Have a mini-charger available and always keep it fully charged.
  • Know where your mini-charger and its cables are located.
  • Have flashlights with good batteries available and know where they are located.
  • Consider not parking in the garage when a storm is coming. You don’t want to be stranded with your transportation locked up. I am not sure about this one because the car could get damaged from storm debris. And there is always that emergency manual method to open the garage door. However, I am not strong enough to lift or lower the double-wide door.
  • When you know the power is going to be out for several hours and you have not yet eaten dinner, go with cold cereal so you can use up your milk before it goes bad.
  • Never wait until you are out of clean clothes to do the laundry. The power will go out mid-wash cycle and you are stuck with dirty clothes.
  • Always have your Kindle fully charged so you can read in the dark. But if you don’t have a Kindle, be sure to have a paperback and a reading light.

So today I have to toss stuff in the refrigerator because the power was out for about 14 hours. I guess it’s a good thing that I have not been able to do much grocery shopping since last weekend. There is not too much to toss this time, just some milk, eggs, and yogurt.

And I have already have laundry started. Even the load interrupted last night is now complete. I better get cracking as I have work to do! Company is coming tomorrow and I was unable to get stuff done last night, so have to double-up on chores today. ARG!!


Comments on: "And Another Storm" (2)

  1. Candles? And something to hold them upright, like glass bottles or (if you are the romantic type) a candlestick or candelabra? Weather radio too? Your list sounds exactly like what the Minnesota office of public safety used to tell us every summer in anticipation of tornado and thunderstorm season. They did warn us not to park our cars under trees or anything that might collapse in a high wind, like a carport or aluminum shed, though I don’t see those very often out west.

    Was that the sound of hail pounding on your house in that video? Hope things are better now. I used to get mad when our power was out for more than 12 hours, as we had a small freezer chest where we kept our over-abundance of squash, tomatoes, berries, and anything else from our CSA boxes. Once the stuff thawed out, we had to eat it within a few hours or it would turn to mush.

    • I can’t have candles due to inquisitive cats. I am going to get a big battery-powered lamp though.

      So far, have been fortunate enough to not lose anything in the freezer. Lots of berries and ice cream of course.

      Yup, that was hail. Small size compared to some areas where it was quarter size.

      There are not a lot of huge trees in my area. Of course, I have 3 of them. One huge spruce tree at the end of the driveway. That would be the only tree I would worry about hitting the car. So far, I think I would rather take my chances with the car out of the garage. (Do you hear me knocking on wood?)

      As long as my phone and ipad have power, I can easily use that for weather updates. I loved that my mini-charger worked. I had a 2nd one (different kind) but it didn’t work. After checking it out, it was broken. So I think I am going to get a 2nd one that worked so well. Can always use it; carry it in my purse.

      TTFN Sandy


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