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The Stalking Bed

I have been doing a ton of cleaning, discarding, and reorganizing. After cleaning all the junk out of the sewing room and getting the carpet cleaned, it was time for another new bed. Yesterday I had the bed delivered. Because the first bed I got a month ago was quite high, this new bed has a low profile box spring. It is the perfect height!

Apparently it is also the perfect scratching post. Kitty Who Shall Remain Nameless did this minor damage with 24 hours after getting the bed.
This is unacceptable behavior, so I rushed off to the closest store to find a bed skirt which would cover the box springs. I needed one with a 12 inch drop, but ended up with a 14 inch drop. I am not too concerned because I will probably make my own bed skirt when I finish the quilt for that bed. I basically just needed some protection from kitty claws.

The sewing room with this new bed has become the cat’s favorite place. They love the bed skirt because it provides excellent cover when stalking other cats in that room. Except poor Miko can’t control her tail, which gives away her location.
Ellie is literally above the stalking games and has taken a comfy position at the head of the bed.
At least she’s not hogging the entire pillow!


Comments on: "The Stalking Bed" (2)

  1. I should probably put a bedskirt back on my bed. At least 3 of my cats are using the box spring as a scratching post… I pretty much gave up caring… it was a waste of my energy (losing battle).

  2. just a quick hello because i don’t have time to read… off to “tramp” class

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