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Wild Week!

It has been a wild week here! And I am glad it is almost over. Here’s my brief summary of the events.

Monday. I have a huge project at work that is consuming the next two weeks. It is a new type of project for me and I was unprepared for the amount of time it would take. By the end of Monday, my eyes were bugging out of my head and my brain was frazzled.

Tuesday. My arthritis has been making itself known for the past month. My knee is so swollen and hot to the touch due to inflammation. The pain has made a good night’s sleep impossible. But a quick trip to the rheumatologist and the magic of a cortisone shot has greatly helped out. Yes, the shot hurts a bit, but not as much as when I don’t get it.

Wednesday. Here’s where the wild comes in. A strong thunderstorm blew through the area just at the end of the work day. I had to take Ellie (my petite Siamese) to the vet to recheck her blood now that her bladder infection seems to be gone. The wind was gusting at 60 mph and tossing trees everywhere. I had to take a couple of detours to get home because traffic lights were out or downed trees were blocking the road. I finally got home but all power was out. Even the vet’s office was without power, so Ellie lucked out. My backyard had several roofing shingles on the lawn. Fortunately, they were my neighbors and not from my roof. The power was out until the next morning.
Thursday. Back to the grind of work. I was able to meet up with Daughter for dinner.

Friday. To stay on schedule with the huge work project, I had to be at work early. The project is going better, so we knocked off for the weekend. I met extended family members at a pizza place because one of my brothers is visiting from out of town. Yay, that takes care of dinner. I make it home with the best intentions to do some laundry and wash dishes. But the Wednesday storm also created a water problem because there is no power to the water reservoirs. Thus everyone is asked to conserve water. So much for laundry. I plan to shut off my lawn sprinklers so they don’t add to the problem. Hoping that tomorrow I can do a small load of laundry though. Wouldn’t you know it; just when I am geared up to clean, water is limited.

Hoping Saturday is somewhat relaxing and calm. I am thankful I have power and water. There are still thousands of homes in the area without power.

Here are a few pictures showing the storm damage. Thankfully my house, yard, and trees are untouched.







Comments on: "Wild Week!" (5)

  1. wow – wicked storm damage!
    thanks for mentioning the cortisone shot – I didn’t know those are available for arthritis. my joints have been cramping up a lot but i haven’t seen a doc because i thought i had no medical options (I’m allergic to NSAIDs).

  2. That’s a hell of a storm. I’m glad you’re all right and that there wasn’t any major damage to your house. I feel really badly for that family that had the tree fall on their house. Severe thunderstorms can be really destructive, and you never know when a tornado might develop.

    • We rarely have tornadoes here. That storm did a lot of damage. One of my neighbors has spent all day re shingling his roof, so I am guessing he had more damage than losing some shingles.

  3. Good grief, those storm photos remind me more of the Midwest than of Washington state! Is that common weather during the summer out there, or was this a freak occurrence?

    I suppose the rain helped the fire danger a bit, but this is beginning to sound like one of those Biblical trials, fire one day, wind and torrential rain the next.

    Good to know you are safe! I’m assuming you have power back since you are online—or do you have to go to a nearby coffee shop or work to access the internet?

    • My power came back on the next morning. Thousands of people still don’t have power. We do get wind storms now and then. This one was the worst one I remember.

      A couple of the smaller fires are 100% contained and are just being mopped up. The big one that provided all the smoke last week is still roaring through the timber. It is now about 400 square miles, the largest fire ever recorded in Washington state. It is reported that about 300 homes have burnt. The fire is in a rural area so it is hard to contain.

      Sounds apocalyptic, doesn’t it? Oh, and temperatures are forecasted for high 90s and possibly hitting triple digits. Thank goodness for power and AC!!

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