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Daughter Day

Saturday, Daughter got off work early so we could pal around.

First, we did pedicures. Very relaxing and my feet are no longer a mix of dry skin and callous. This will make my rheumatologist happy when he has to check out my ankle that is killing me. No one wants to touch calloused, cracked feet, even if it is their job.
Then we went to Olive Garden for a late lunch. I forgot the type of sauce I like and ordered the one I don’t particularly care for. But it all worked out in that I wasn’t that hungry (after salad and breadsticks) and Daughter took it home for her lunch the next day.

We wanted to see a movie, but the timing was off, so we went home and took naps. We did end up seeing a very nice movie, Begin Again with Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightly, and Adam Levine. Great, great music. I do enjoy Adam Levine’s singing!

As we walked outside the movie theater later, we were met with an eye-popping sunset . Everyone stopped to enjoy the view and take pictures. Unfortunately, the vibrant coloring is due to heavy smoke from several wildfires.

A good time had by all! And we made tentative plans for a mini-vacation in August. Hoping to go to the Vancouver, B.C. Aquarium. We have a friend who works with their dolphins, so might be able to get a mini-tour.


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  1. I haven’t had a mani/pedi in months (I used to get them every 2-3 weeks). I thought I might treat myself after my job ends… TOMORROW!! (so happy!!)

    that’s a very pretty sunset

  2. Have you seen the fashion magazines where they’re raving about Birkenstocks being “in style” this year? It makes me laugh, since the sandals were never about “style” but comfort. I love your pedi—my son-in-law laughed when my daughter painted her toenails, but I can’t think of anything that says ‘summer’ better than toenails lacquered with a cheerful color.

    I hope the fires die down soon. My son says it’s been unusually hot and dry this summer in Washington state.

    • In style? Really? I have never been accused of being in fashion. I got my first pair of Birks in 1985 in Key West. Have never worn any other sandals since then. And obviously I passed that on to my daughter. I ever wear them with polartec socks in the winter (kind of a northwest style).

      It was been horribly hot and dry. Spokane had almost 2 weeks of >90 F. The smoke is clearing a bit, but fires are still raging. I just heard on the news that there is now a fire-related death. Sad. Hope your son is in a non- fire area (Olympia, right?)

      • Yup, my son lives in Olympia, so no fires out there. (Yet. Knock on wood!) He grumbles that nobody has air conditioning out there because hot weather is so unusual: so there’s no relief except at work, where he has to be in a hot kitchen anyway.

        I hope it cools off and rain comes back soon! Here in CA, we may not have enough water to fight off a major wildfire, especially in the south where it is bone dry and you get high winds blowing down from the mountains.

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