Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

A Busy Vacation Day

I had today off as a vacation day. But no sleeping in for me. In order to get my car back from the body shop, I had to return the rental car by 8:00 this morning. Thus I had to leave the house by 7:30.

The body shop made my car look new again! My brother’s body shop did the work; nothing like keeping it in the family. I offered to drive my brother back out to his shop. He lives close to my mom and sister so I could then visit them.

In May, I had planted petunias at my moms. This is how they looked in May.
And this is how lovely they are now. My mom obviously has a green thumb.
I spent a couple of hours at mom’s house working with her new dog. Domino is a rescue mutt that is still quite frightened and wary of everyone.
Because he is not taking care of his personal business outside as all good dogs should, he is kept in a wire crate at night. Trying to get him to pee outside is a trial of patience and stubbornness. After a couple of hours and several trips outside, he finally unleashed the yellow river (meaning he urinated).

After a bit, he loosened up, but this little mutt has a long ways to go before he will trust people again.
Having had my dog fix, I went over to my sister’s house. I had to berate her because she introduced me to the interactive game, Hay Day. Darn her!
I haven’t been playing for very long, so it was nice to learn some tips and tricks.

Then we decided to go out to a local barbecue place. I usually have a barbecue turkey sandwich, but today I threw caution to the wind and had this monster creation.
Grilled chicken, caramelized onions, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bacon. A taste explosion! But then I was so full, I went home and took a nap.

Tomorrow I have to buckle down and get some work done around the house. Wish me luck!


Comments on: "A Busy Vacation Day" (1)

  1. that chicken sandwich looks delicious!
    i hope the puppy (all dogs are puppies to me) learns to trust, and behave, soon!
    if those were my petunias, the pics might be reversed. I lost all my roses this year – no idea why. One week they were good – the next week they were all dying or dead.

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