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Archive for Jul. 10, 2014

Cars, Fires, and Cats

It has been an interesting week — and it is not over yet. Wonder what else will happen?

A couple of weeks ago, I was rear-ended at a stop light. Minimal damage, but since my car is still fairly new, I want it put back to its pristine condition. Ignore the dirt.

I am currently renting a car while my real car is getting a new rear bumper and the scratches are being polished out. Tomorrow I get my pretty baby back.

Yesterday, while driving home from work I noticed a large plume of smoke to the northwest. It was a Red Flag day, so I wasn’t surprised there was a fire. (Red Flag conditions indicate high fire danger due to vegetation dryness, low humidity, heat, and wind.) Below is a picture I took from my back deck. The sun was very red due to the smoke. Unfortunately the picture doesn’t do the view justice.
As of today, the fire is still going strong, and 0% contained. It is about 30 miles from where I am, so I don’t have to worry about evacuation. Hope no one gets hurt and it is contained soon.

Ellie, my Siamese, got her culture results back. She has an E. coli infection in her bladder. Another two weeks of antibiotics and she should be fine. But she sure hates me twice a day when I give her the medicine. Ellie believes that if she can’t see me, I can’t see her.

Here’s hoping for an uneventful long weekend (taking Friday as a vacation day). Woot woot!