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Moving Women

I have been cleaning out stuff from several rooms in the house. This weekend it was the sewing room’s turn. Partially because I was sick of the mess, but mostly because the carpet is scheduled for cleaning on Tuesday.

I threw out a bunch of crapola, stored some, and then just moved some to a different area. One of the biggest problems was an old blue love seat that I was tossing out the door.
But I couldn’t get it out the door! First, I removed the feet of the love seat. Then I removed the door to the room. My friend, Susan, stopped by to assist in the wrangling. Once we got it through the doorless entrance, it was smooth sailing. Who needs a man to help with moving when clever women can do it!!

Since I was getting rid if it, I didn’t care about dragging it on the ground. Here we are pushing it to the garage. Big, huh?!
And here it is in its temporary resting place in the garage. And that’s why I had to clean the garage, so I would have room for junk until it gets hauled away.
I now have only more room, the upstairs bedroom, to clean out. The plan is to drain the waterbed, dismantle the the frame, and toss all that along with the love seat and two old TVs, and other assorted crapola. Soon, I hope.

With the sewing room getting cleaned out, I hope to get back to quilting. With almost 30 unfinished projects, I am going to be busy!