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Poor Sick Ellie

Saturday evening I noticed little red spots on the carpet. Thank goodness it was in the upstairs hall which had not yet been cleaned. I snooped around and discovered that one of my little feline friends had blood in their urine.

Have you ever tried to figure out which cat is leaving presents? I thought it was Ellie, simply because her favorite litter box (there are four) was the one with evidence.

Monday afternoon, Ellie (the most likely suspect) went to the vet. They kept her for several hours, hoping she would provide a urine sample. No go (pun intended).

So this morning I dropped off Ellie and Sunni (the #2 suspect) at the vets. Neither of the kitties voluntarily provided a urine sample. In a last ditch effort, the vet was going to use a needle to get a sample from Ellie’s bladder. Ellie was so panicked, she peed all over the vet table. She peed blood.

Now we know who is sick. Ellie is currently receiving antibiotics twice a day. The urine sample is being tested for specific bacteria, so her antibiotic may change when those results are back.

And we changed Ellie’s food because she has lost almost 1 pound in the past year. She is quite petite, so losing a pound is a great loss. She now weighs only 5 pounds, 8 ounces. We will see if the food helps her delicate tummy.

In the meantime, Sunni is pissed at me for having her unnecessarily spend the day at the vet. (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that so obvious pun.). And poor Ellie is just not feeling well.


Comments on: "Poor Sick Ellie" (4)

  1. Oh no!!! Hope she will be ok 😦

  2. Poor baby! I hope the antibiotics and new food help. Good thing you were so alert to catch the problem.

  3. Thanks John. I will let her know. Hate when my fur babies get sick because the can’t tell you what’s wrong.

  4. I feel terrible for Ellie. Hope it’s nothing more serious than an infection. That’s serious enough.

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