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Garage Cleaning part I

Due to the cool weather, this morning I decided to clean the garage a bit. What a chore!!

Daughter has been clearing out her stuff, but I felt it was time to move things along. Her stuff crap has been been cluttering up the garage for over a year. I need it gone so I can replace it with my own stuff.

Daughter had packed a bunch of her toiletries in a Lands End suitcase. It was a major mess because a bottle of shampoo leaked all over everything. After wiping out what I could, I then took the hose to it. Sheesh, it took about 30 minutes of rinsing before the water ran clear. It dried in the sun within an hour. Hip hip hooray for Lands End luggage!!

Four hours later, I filled up three trash bags for the garbage, stored a few boxes, filled a couple of boxes for Goodwill, and sorted out several boxes for Daughter to cart away. The picture doesn’t show the big change, but half the items on the left will be gone in a couple of days.

While sorting through boxes, I found several of Daughter’s old purses. And a fair amount of $$ too. I am keeping the $$ because I figure it is a kind of rent payment. That’s only fair, don’t you agree?

I also am recycling a cute coat to my niece. I found some brand new DVDs, USB thumb drives, an 8 GB SD card, some bracelets and earrings, and a little lamp I can use in my bedroom.

During the cleanup, I emptied several boxes. I then cut those up and put them in the recycle cart. Filled up the rest of the cart with empty Tidy Cat plastic pails. I was in a cleaning frenzy.
And now I am exhausted and calling it quits for the day.


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  1. Cleaning out a garage is tough, especially if you’ve lived anywhere for a few years. At least your daughter is getting her own things out. My brother still has junk from high school and then some all over our parents’ house, and it’s doubtful he’ll ever move it without some incentive. He’s a hoarder, so once he’s brought something home, it doesn’t leave.

    I got rid of my old Lands’ End suitcase because I wanted something with wheels. I feel bad now that I did, because it was a tough, reliable old thing that held tons of stuff. Dragging it on my shoulder through O’Hare Airport pretty much convinced me however that it was time to get something more compact and easier to haul. It is great for moving junk from one place to another, however. Your daughter should find it useful in the future!

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