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Date Grape Drink Karma

In February I posted about a local bar (read here and here) that advertised a daiquiri drink called date grape koolaid.

The business (hereby referred to as BB for bad business) was forced to change the name with a threat from Kraft Foods Group, the owner of the Koolaid brand. However, the owner of BB continued to insult the community on his Facebook page. Oh, and the owner also owned a local radio station.

There were boycotts and several advertisers pulled their support on the radio station and bar. The radio station closed. Over the past couple of months, the insults have continued. And the number of lawsuits against the BB grew too.

There have been numerous fights at the bar. The owner of the BB insists that the police and city are involved in a conspiracy against him and his BB.

Apparently, with all the bravado about how the bar was always packed, rent was not paid. Supposedly some suppliers and employees were also not paid.

Finally, the landlord took the BB to court for unpaid rent. And the BB was given an eviction notice. Today, the BB was locked out by the sheriff’s department.

And now the owner of the BB says he is going to lease at another location and will be open again soon. So perhaps he found another dolt who knows nothing about running a business, because who would lease to someone who already has several lawsuits pending, can’t pay their rent, and insults the community. All within 6 months.

Yup, must be a conspiracy. I applaud the karma involved. Good riddance!


Comments on: "Date Grape Drink Karma" (3)

  1. Some people actually are professional a**holes. It’s too bad he hasn’t learned that there is such a thing as bad publicity, and yeah, rape is not a topic for humor.

  2. That’s a shame.

  3. Wow. So many people just can’t figure it out! And he is just going to continue the same mistakes over again. It boggles the mind!

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