Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Comfy Sleeping

Daughter has moved out. Downstairs bedroom is almost empty of her stuff. New bed purchased. Carpet cleaned.

And yesterday the new bed was delivered! It is so high, I can sit on it and dangle my feet. (Yes, there are still stuffed animals on the wall shelves. )


I put on a mattress protector ( waterproof because one of the cats sometimes pees on the bed) and new sheets. But I only had this old comforter for the top.


Wow, it is very comfortable! So much so that I slept in until 10:00 this morning. I am excited to see if the new bed helps with me getting some quality rest.

With a new bed I decided I need a new comforter. I found one I like on Amazon, and it will be here on Wednesday.

I have several quilts that I am partially done with that would look good on that bed. But that means I would have to finish them. And some day I will, but not right now. (Yes, I am a procrastinator. Deal with it; I do.)

I have a couple of weeks to clean out 1-2 more rooms, and the rest of the family room. The carpet cleaners are coming back on July 8 to finish with the rest of the house. I am quite excited to get all this major cleaning done.

More pictures in a couple a days when the new bedding gets here.


Comments on: "Comfy Sleeping" (6)

  1. Niiiiiiiiiiiice!!
    I have a super tall bed too. When I first got it, I had to do a little high jump move to get on it! The mattress is 21″ so I have a bitch of a time finding sheets that fit!

    I hope you have many many nights of awesome sleep! Mine became insanely comfy when I added a heated mattress pad… I’ve had it off the bed for a couple weeks now (washed it and too lazy to put it back on) and I miss it soooo much!

    • Wow – 21 inches! That is a DEEP mattress. Mine is only 12 inches deep so not hard to find sheets. So far I have been sleeping like the dead.

      • it’s a euro mattress with a temperpedic-like topper with some other kind of topper on that. then i have a featherbed on top of that! then a waterproof mattress pad. then the heated mattress pad (when i bother to put it back on). i like luxury sleep!!

        fyi: If you ever find yourself in NorthernCal, stay at a Larkspur Landing. Best beds I’ve ever slept on! I was late for a family event because I decided to stay in bed cause I was so comfy!!

  2. So you’ve moved to the bedroom downstairs? I’ve gotten to prefer one-story houses as climbing stairs has become a nuisance for me. What will you do with the bedroom upstairs?

    • I don’t like the stairs either. My house is what I think is called a California Split. Walking in the front door goes to the living room. It’s the only room on that level. Go down 6 stairs to the family room, bedroom, laundry room, and bathroom. From the living room, go up 6 stairs to the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, and master bedroom.
      I have always used the master bedroom as the sewing room. And the other bedroom upstairs is where my old bed is.
      I am planning on changing out the bedrooms upstairs by moving the sewing stuff to the all bedroom. Then the master bedroom will be a real bedroom.
      I only sleep downstairs in the summer. It can be the guest bedroom the rest of the time. Maybe. Who know what I will actually do. So stayed tuned!

  3. I read somewhere that a cat having an “accident” on the bed is a sign that s/he loves you. Mine must really love me…

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