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The Clean Carpet Saga

My daughter recently moved out and took her bed with her. While she was away at college, I would sleep downstairs in her room in the summer because it cooler. So with her moving out and taking bed, this was the perfect opportunity to have the carpets professionally cleaned.

I bought a new bed for downstairs. It will be delivered this coming Saturday. I made an appointment to get the carpets cleaned today. Thus I spent the weekend cleaning and moving stuff.

Because I don’t have room to completely empty out all rooms, I decided to have two separate cleanings. Today was the downstairs bedroom, half the family room, and half the living room. And the stairs. I stacked stuff in the other half of the room. Here’s Sunni enjoying the box springs stacked in the family room.
Of course, there had to be a little snafu. I have a marvelous Oreck Magnesium vacuum cleaner. Having a thoroughly vacuumed carpet is a prerequisite for the cleaning. So you can imagine my dismay when I plugged it in and it did not fire up.

I tried everything including replacing the battery. I even tried what I thought was the reset procedure. Didn’t work. Because the cleaner was coming by 10:00 this morning, I had to somehow vacuum last night. I used a little canister vacuum cleaner, but it was not really made for sucking up cat hair in large areas. Freaking vacuuming took me hours and didn’t get to bed until 2:00 a.m. Here’s a picture of some of the hair that clogged the little cannister while vacuuming my daughter’s room. Gross!
I got up early this morning and called the vacuum manufacturer and they had me try the reset. I was originally doing it wrong. I was so excited when it worked. The vacuum motor startled me and I exclaimed, “Oh s**t, it works!” The customer support person just laughed.

I immediately gave a big sucky vacuum to the areas to be cleaned today. Woot woot!

Here are a few before/after pictures. Notice the little cat paw prints in the after pictures. The carpet was still a bit damp when the kitties were investigating.

Daughter’s room: Before/After.
Family Room: Before/After
Living Room : Before/After
Now all I have to do is settle everything back down and enjoy the half-cleaned areas. And then prepare for round 2 of carpet cleaning next month.


Comments on: "The Clean Carpet Saga" (11)

  1. My cat nicky is always puking up something,I’m cleaning the carpet on a daily basis.
    I still love him no matter what,can’t imagine not having a cat around.
    They are our little friends.

    • I know what you are saying. I have 4 cats. One is a Hairball puker and another has IBS so vomits almost every day. Couldn’t live without them though!

  2. Minus the stain in the living room, the before pics all look immaculate to me.

    • Well they were not the best pictures. One of the cats is a major puker, so there are lots of little stains. But the carpets look almost new now!! Using Zerorez carpet cleaners. Happy!!

      • after 11 years of multiple cats on “gold” carpet, I just need to pull it all up. Heck, even the industrial carpet I had a friend put down (couple years ago) is ready to be replaced.

  3. We got rid of nearly all the carpet in our house when we had more cats than sane people should have (we have half as many now and it’s still more than sane people should have). The good news is that cleanup is easier; the bad news is that we still wreck nearly every vacuum we bring in, because the cat litter, hair, barf etc. still overwhelm the average vacuum. I’m thinking we might need to get a shop vac to really get all the stuff up off the floors. A broom just ain’t doing it.

    Remember the old central vacuums that had “outlets” in each room, and you’d just walk around with the hose? I wish they still had those.

    • I have been considering getting rid of carpet, but still haven’t decided on what to replace it with. One of my cats is a regular puker, so I need flooring that can deal with liquids.

      What type flooring do you have and do you like it?

      • The kitchen, living room, one of the bedrooms, and half of the basement are vinyl. The master bedroom, my office, the guest bathroom and the hall are laminate. We actually have a little bit of carpet, on the stairs from the bedroom level to the living room (which is ready to come up; it’s actually more dangerous for me than if the stairs were bare wood) and Mary’s office, which the cats can’t get into. The vinyl is very easy to clean, just run a mop over it. The laminate (some Pergo, some Armstrong, and some whatever Empire installed) can be mopped with a damp mop, but we have to be careful not to leave it too wet, or leave puddles on it. All things considered, it’s much easier to deal with than carpet; we overwhelmed several vacuums before we finally said, screw it, we’re going hard floor.

        • Thanks for the info! I’ve been considering vinyl plank flooring. Sounds like it might meet my kitty cat needs. But still no decision.

  4. I admit that I did give myself a pat on the back for getting all that done.

  5. What a great feeling to have that much done! And hooray for working vacuums!

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