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Flowers Galore

Spring is coming to an end thus time to spruce up the yard. This year, I rebarked the flower beds so they look (and smell) nice.

My iris are doing their thing, behind the day lilies that are not quite ready to bloom.


I potted up some flowers for the front steps.


And planted petunias in my mom’s back yard. Here are before and after pictures.


I also planted petunias around my back deck. These will look quite beautiful when they grow a bit more.


I think I need a few pansies around the bird path–and looks like I need to straighten up the bird bath too. Rats, more work to do.



Comments on: "Flowers Galore" (2)

  1. Pansies around the birdbath? Is it still cool and damp in your area? Here, it’s already too hot for pansies. The poor things would burn up after a few hours in the sun. But your garden looks fine, clean of fallen leaves and everything coming up flowering and green.

    I also like the pots of flowers along your steps. Because of the drought, the city is encouraging more people to try container gardening, as you don’t need as much water to keep a plant in a pot alive. My landlord however insists on watering his plants every day, all 24 pots of them. I don’t think that’s what the city had in mind.

  2. Looks very nice. Mom used to put petunias in pots outside the kitchen. I think it was the only flower that didn’t die on her…

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