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An Afternoon Out

Today, Daughter and I went to see Wicked. It was fantastic!
We had the best seats – 2 rows, center, from the orchestra pit. The above photo was the curtain before the play began. And then of course, no photos were allowed.

After the play, we walked over to a local Italian restaurant and had dinner. It was a good thing we had a little walking to do so we could walk off the pasta and bread.

The play was at what used to be called the Opera House. It has another name now, but I refuse to use it. The Opera House just sounds so much better than the INB Performing Arts Center. And easier to say for us lazy people.
We had to walk across this little bridge in the park to get to the play. The river is running full out right now.

So that was my day out with my daughter. Good company, great play, and good food. Does life get any better? (That is a rhetorical question.)


Comments on: "An Afternoon Out" (2)

  1. I love the river walk. Glad you enjoyed the play – I remain the 1 person on earth who HATED it… so much that I’d dive for the remote if the commercial came on… it just sounded like screaming to me.

  2. sounds like so much fun

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