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Vancouver/Portland Trip

Daughter is running a half marathon in southwest Washington state, so I tagged along. More of a driver and an observer; certainly not a runner.

The weather was great and we were able to see Mt. Rainier while driving from Spokane to Vancouver, by way of Seattle.

We stayed in a hotel with a view of the Columbia River. The bridge is the drawbridge from Vancouver to Portland.

Loved the Salmon Run Bell Tower in Vancouver. There is a great little farmers market at this location.


We used the GPS on the iPhone to navigate to Portland’s San Lu Chinese Garden. However, we ended up at a Chinese Garden restaurant instead. Nice little side tour of Portland. The travel gods felt sorry for us, and we snagged a parking spot right in front of the Chinese Garden. Amazing beautiful and quiet place in the middle of Portland’s hustle and bustle.

I have more pictures on my camera, so will upload those later. We then walked to the Portland Saturday Market. This is the largest continuously operated Saturday market in the USA. Last time I visited it was in 1976 when it was 2 years old. Wow, has it grown!! Check out these adorable cat earrings I bought.

We then had to visit Daughter’s favorite clothing store, so we walked and walked some more. Three dresses later we had to return to the car to feed the parking meter; I wasn’t about to give up the perfect parking space.

By now, we were both starving. Daughter located a Thai restaurant within walking distance so we hoofed it once more. I had Pho See Ew; it was the perfect repast.

Daughter’s race is in a few hours, so I guess I should get some sleep. An erroneous knock on the hotel door at 3:10 a.m. woke me up. Since I was awake, I wrote this post. But it is time to sign off.

Thank you Tim ( my friend) for a perfect Portland day! And thanks to my daughter for inviting me along for the weekend.


Comments on: "Vancouver/Portland Trip" (5)

  1. LOVE those earrings… especially that they’re not all matchy-matchy.
    I’ve been considering a weekend getaway to Portland (because I can fly direct from Long Beach)

  2. The Chinese Gardens was so relaxing. Because I had not see. My friend for a while, it was the perfect place to relax and get caught up.
    I was initially a bit freaked by the huge homeless population. But Tim just led us on to here there and everywhere. Several ho mess people were very aggressive, but we just kept moving on.
    We stayed at the Red Lion Inn at the Quay in Vancouver. My daughter works for them so we stayed for free. It was so convenient to get on/off I-5 and the Vancouver Saturday market was just a few blocks away. This market was food and plants and flowers. Very different feel from the enormous, almost chaotic Portland Saturday market.

  3. I love that view of the river from your hotel. Where did you stay? I’ve driven through Vancouver, but I confess I’ve never stayed there. It’s too close to my son’s place in Olympia, so I usually just push on until I see the Capitol dome. I have stopped a number of times in Portland, however. It’s a great city: I could blow a few hundred dollars at Powell’s if I’m not careful, and the Saturday Market is also great for picking up gifts and awesome jewelry like your cat earrings. The Classical Chinese Garden is my favorite place in the city, however. The neighborhood is not the best—there’s a shelter for homeless men there, and a couple of places that might be gambling houses, but shhh, we’re not supposed to talk about those…. But when I’m feeling beat after a long day in the city, I like going to the garden to sit and rest. The garden’s teahouse is a good place for a cup of jasmine tea and some traditional Chinese snacks (I’m a sucker for deep-fried tofu), and the atmosphere is one of serenity and the cultivation of beauty. I keep saying to my kids I want a house designed like the scholar’s studio there, with a walkway built around a pond filled with goldfish.

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