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I am participating in the A-to-Z Challenge again this year. My theme is My Favorite Books. Most of the books I will be posting about, I have read more than once. After all, they are my favorites.

A is for And the Band Played On by Randy Shilts.


When this book came out in 1987, I was working in the medical device manufacturing field. I dealt with blood products on a daily basis. Ensuring that the blood was safe for all who handled it was a huge concern. Safety precautions were critical and strictly enforced. But understanding the HIV virus and how it could be transmitted to others was still misunderstood.

So reading this book provided me with a great deal of insight. I was so thankful I read this book as I later had several friends infected with HIV. Since I was armed with valuable information, I had no fear of their medical situation and was glad for their friendship.

Read this book if you want to learn about the history of HIV and AIDS in the United States.



Comments on: "A is for “And the Band Played On”" (5)

  1. I never read this book, but I did see the movie. To me the movie was powerful so I would assume the book is the same way. It does amaze me how in the dark people kept themselves regarding the disease.

  2. Yup , government was pretty much hiding its head in the sand on HIV and AIDS. Tbook provides a lot of info about the whole situation.

  3. Was a young mother in 1987, and was horrified at the condemnation. The CDC did nothing.

  4. Looking forward to reading more about your favorite books!

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