Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Back to the project. To get caught up, see here. After I repainted the boards, the color was a perfect match. Here are the next and final steps.

Step 4 – Secure Boards to the Wall.
I used my handy-dandy stud finder to locate and marked the studs with blue paint tape. Using a level, I marked where the top board should go. I drilled holes in the boards where the screws should go. And then I performed a miracle by holding the board level and screwing it into the wall, all with only my 2 hands. It would have been easier if someone could have helped, but that was not to be.
Step 5 – Setting Up the DVD Holders
I had previously calculated the exact spacing in order to fit all 10 holders on the board. So I marked all the drill holes–2 per holder–and then drilled starter holes. Then I started installing the holders.

Step 6 – Installing the Bottom Board
Since the holders were attached to the top board, it was fairly easy to figure out where the bottom board needed to be. Again, I brought out the level and marked the correct location. I drilled starter holes, and then screwed in the board. The board had a little curve to it, so I forced it to be straight with screws. Maybe a bit too much force though, as the board started to split. I backed the screws out a smidge and called it good.
Step 7 – Finishing the Holders.
Once the bottom board was secured to the wall, I could attach the DVD holders to the bottom board. Two problems. The holders only came with 2 screws per holder, but I needed 4 screws per holder. So I just bought some more screws. The other issue was that due to limited spacing within the holder itself, I could not use the drill. That task of manually screwing in 20 screws was hard on my arthritic hands. But I did a few each day and survived.

Step 8 – Inserting the DVDs.
I decided to categorize my DVDs by genre. I gathered them all up and sorted away. Once I knew what I had, I just started filling up the holders. I ended up with duplicates of The Guardian and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Not bad; I thought I had more duplicates.
Whew – and that is my DIY project right now. Completed successfully with only a few sidetracks.


Comments on: "My DVD Storage Project – Part 2" (5)

  1. I’m looking forward to following your blog during the A to Z Challenge! I love the DIY posts. And, I’m a avid organizer myself, so I’m excited to hear your ideas.

    • Leslie — I too am excited about the challenge. I wish I was as organized as all the things I think off. Oh well. I can’t wait to find out what your mother taught you A-to-Z!

  2. well done you

  3. Looks nice! But I would have bought a power screwdriver along with the additional screws at the hardware store. I have arthritic hands as well, and the pain would have driven me crazy.

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