Cleaning house physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I am getting close to being done. Woot woot!
I put some DVDs in the holders because I could not wait to see how they look.

But here’s the rub. How should I organize the DVDs? Alphabetically or by genre? I am thinking genre, such as comedy, action and adventure, mystery and thrillers, documentary, TV shows, drama, romance, and musicals.

Any suggestions?


Comments on: "My DVD Storage Project – Part 1.5" (2)

  1. Genre! Alphabetical order (by title?) might work for a library, but in terms of keeping everything organized, it’s not realistic. I can’t be bothered to shelve everything by alphabetical order if I’m in a hurry and need to tidy up fast. It’s easier to toss all of the comedies together, then the dramas, then whatever else you have. I have a pile of martial arts/kung fu movies, so they occupy a shelf all by themselves.

    • Yup, that is what I ended up with – by genre. It seemed to work well. Tonight we wanted to watch The Aviator. It was in the Drama holder as expected.

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