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Let’s Have Some Pi!!

Today is National Pi Day. As in the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. As in the area of a circle is Pi times the radius squared. (Sorry, I cannot type symbols on my iPhone).
I don’t know whether to be happy that I can still remember a bit of pi’s value of 3.1415 — or am depressed because when I was younger I could carry it out to at least 10 digits (3.1415926535, yes I had to look it up).

Oh well, either way I think I will celebrate having a piece of pie. Hmmm, lemon meringue or cherry? Maybe cheesecake. That counts as pie, right?

Update. Ended up with peach/huckleberry pie. Yummm.



Comments on: "Let’s Have Some Pi!!" (1)

  1. I did a post on pi a while back (and it’s by far the most popular one on my blog, for reasons I can’t figure) and learned that, with a nine-digit estimate of it, you can measure the diameter of the earth within a quarter of an inch, and with a 39-digit estimate, you can measure the size of the universe to within the width of an atom. It’s amazing that, for years, we used 3.1416 and it got us close enough.

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